ANN: C#-SQLite 3.7.5

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ANN: C#-SQLite 3.7.5

Noah Hart
C#-SQLite has been updated to release 3.7.5 and is now ready for use.

The 2/28 release features:

 * SQLITE_HAS_CODEC compiler option
 * Silverlight support
 * Windows 7 Phone

Does not support WAL

It now runs 54,618 of the tcl testharness tests without errors.

The project is located at

Please keep in mind the following:

    * C#-SQLite is an independent reimplementation of the SQLite software library
    * This is not an official version of SQLite
    * Bugs should not be reported to the ticket tracking system

SQLite® is a registered trademark of Hipp, Wyrick & Company, Inc


Noah Hart