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ANN: C#-SQLite

Noah Hart
C#-SQLite has been updated to release and is RC1 is now ready for use.

The 7/5/2011 release features:

 * Updated to SQLite version
 * VFS is planned for RC2
 * WAL is planned for RC3
  * FTS is planned for RC4

It now runs 58,187 of the tcl testharness quicktests and 273,163 of the alltest suite without error.

The project is located at


Noah Hart

Please keep in mind the following:

    * C#-SQLite is an independent reimplementation of the SQLite software library
    * This is not an official version of SQLite
    * Bugs should not be reported to the ticket tracking system

SQLite® is a registered trademark of Hipp, Wyrick & Company, In