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ANN: Rekall V2.4.0

John Dean
We are pleased to announce the release of Rekall V2.4.0

What is Rekall?

Rekall is a database independent, programmable Rapid
Application Development or RAD tool for producing
database applications. With Rekall you can build desktop
application and without any additional coding or
modification that same application can be exported to
the Web. A Web base Rekall application has the same
look and feel as its desktop counter part. Rekall allows
Web developers to save a lot of time, because applications
are initially developed and tested on the desktop. Once
the application is thoroughly tested an debugged them
it can be exported to the web. This approach reduces the
amount of time spent on the code-upload-test cycle, and
trial and error adjusting component layouts. Therefore,
the developer has more time to concentrate on the business
logic. The developer has the choice of using either Python
or Javascript (KJS) as the behind the scenes scripting
language, which make it very easy to produce very complex
web based or desktop applications.
Rekall includes is following modules to aid application

1. Database table creater, plus structure and data viewer.

2. Form designer and viewer.

3. Report designer and viewer

4. Visual query builder and results viewer.

5. Database import/export via generalized "copier"

6. Fully scriptable using either Python and Javascript with
    built-in debugger (Python only at the moment).

7. Macros editor

8. The ability to produce reuseable components for Forms and Reports

9. Basic database dumping and loading

10. Wizards and starter applications

Rekall has drivers for the following Database Engines:-

1. PostreSQL (included as standard)
2. MySQL (included as standard)
3. xBase (included as standard)
4. SQLite (included as standard)
5. DB2
6. Oracle 10
8. UniverSQL
9. Informix (work inprocess - almost complete)
10. Interbase/Firebird (work in progress - 50% complete)
11. Sybase/MS SQL Server (work in progress - ??% complete)

Rekall runs on the following platforms:

Windows - Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003. It will not run
           on Windows 95, 98, 98SE or ME

MacX OS - V10.3.x (Panther)

Linux -   Debian Sarge, Fedora Core 2, 3 and 4, Kubantu V5.04, Linspire V5.0
           Mandrake V10.0 and V10.1, Mepis 2004 and V3.3, SuSE V9.1, V9.2 and
           V9.3 and Xandros V3.0

For those who wish to distribute commercial desktop applications using
Rekall, a Run-Time System is available.

Pre-built binaries are available from
Source tarballs and CVS access are avaliable from


John Dean,
co-author of Rekall,
the only alternative
to MS Access