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Rob Sciuk

Dear List,

Recently, a member of this list posed a question regarding the
availability of a server interface for SQLite, and a number of replies
were posted.

Intrigued, I followed up with the OP, and provided a prototype tool based
upon an off the shelf library I've been developing for some time.  It
currently runs only on Linux and 'BSD (for now but Windows is simple), and
served up a single database on a port of the user's choosing with a telnet
like interface (no protocol).

Going through a few gyrations, the OP decided that an HTTP_1.1 protocol
was most suitable to his needs, and so I provided a test tool which
supported querying the database via a HTTP/POST method, and which could be
tested with a simple browser.  This is available (by request) for test
purposes, as I'm looking to add features/functions on a market driven
basis.  The question, of course, is there a demand for such a thing?

Is there widespread interest in this type of product?

What would you use it for?

What platforms would you want it to run on?

Is HTTP a suitable protocol for your requirements?

How would you like the query data returned?  (for example .CSV, delimited,

To avoid undue noise on this excellent but busy list, I suggest a response
to me by private email, and I'll post back at some point with what I've
learned and or decided.  If you use "SQLite Server" in the subject line,
I'll endeavour to avoid data loss due to aggressive spam filtering 8-).

Rob Sciuk
Robert S. Sciuk                259 Simcoe St. S.
Control-Q Research tel: 905.576.8028 Oshawa, Ont.
[hidden email] fax: 905.576.8386   Canada, L1H 4H3
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