Android Issue Loading Pre-compiled Binaries

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Android Issue Loading Pre-compiled Binaries

David White
I have someone with an Android 8, arm64-v8a device testing a new Android
app which uses the precompiled Sqlite binaries for Android. It appears
there is some issue in loading the library. In the Android app log I see:

08-29 15:27:49.006 F/DEBUG   (9478):     #07 pc 0000000000334204
08-29 15:27:49.006 F/DEBUG   (9478):     #08 pc 0000000000014f6c
08-29 15:27:49.006 F/DEBUG   (9478):     #09 pc 00000000000150e0
08-29 15:27:49.006 F/DEBUG   (9478):     #10 pc 00000000002d83d4
08-29 15:27:49.006 F/DEBUG   (9478):     #11 pc 00000000000041d4
/system/lib64/ (JVM_NativeLoad+276)


08-29 15:27:48.713 F/DEBUG   (9478): pid: 9310, tid: 9473, name:
AsyncTask #1  >>> com.whitedavidp.cookiemanagerforsystemwebview <<<
08-29 15:27:48.713 F/DEBUG   (9478): signal 6 (SIGABRT), code -6
(SI_TKILL), fault addr --------
08-29 15:27:48.713 F/DEBUG   (9478): Abort message: ']

I know that my app included the appropriate pre-compiled .so file dated
10/25/17. But it seems like some needed class is missing? Could it be

I have since updated my app to use the pre-compiled binaries that are
available now. But have not yet heard if that makes any difference. So
really wondering:

(a) What is going on?

(b) How to interpret what I am seeing in the logs above?

(c) How to avoid this?


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