[Announcement] Mix and match Objective-C and Swift for SQLite access

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[Announcement] Mix and match Objective-C and Swift for SQLite access

Gwendal Roué-2
Hello SQLite community,

I want to announce the first release of GRDBObjc, a library that allows iOS, macOS, and watchOS apps to use SQLite from both Objective-C and Swift.

Both languages share the same database connections, with all the multi-threading safety expected by reasonable developers. Objective-C code accesses the database through an API that is compatible with FMDB by Gus Mueller, the de-facto standard for accessing SQLite from Objective-C. Swift code, on the other hand, accesses the database through GRDB, an SQLite wrapper that has been designed for Swift.

I hope this library will help developers that maintain Objective-C applications enjoy more Swift, at minimal cost.

- GRDBObjc: https://github.com/groue/GRDBObjc
- GRDB: https://github.com/groue/GRDB.swift

Thanks for reading,
Gwendal Roué

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