Beta Testers wanted for DragonDB Database Manager

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Beta Testers wanted for DragonDB Database Manager

John Oliva
We are looking for beta testers for a new database manager product DragonDB -
MVB Edition. A brief description is given below. If you are interested in
becoming a beta tester, please send the following information to beta @

1. Name
2. E-mail address
3. Company
4. Windows version used for running AppForge MobileVB
5. Version of AppForge MobileVB being used
6. Experience level developing data-centric applications with AppForge MobileVB

Please use this subject line for your e-mail: "DragonDB MVB Beta Test"

Reply by e-mail to beta @

John Oliva
Danic Systems, LLC

What is DragonDB - MVB Edition?

DragonDB is an SQL relational database manager supporting the SQLite3 database
format. DragonDB - MVB Edition is a fuser library and software development kit
for producing AppForge MobileVB applications using the DragonDB database
manager. The SDK is comprised of a set of target specific fusers and MobileVB
source code which hides the details of the fuser interface from the application

The currently supported target devices include the Microsoft Pocket PC and

Together, DragonDB - MVB Edition and AppForge MobileVB form a powerful toolset
for building data-centric applications that run on Windows Mobile devices.