CLI .parameter command observations/request

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CLI .parameter command observations/request

Hi, first a thankyou to everyone who helped with my 'date check clause' post.

This time I am grappling with the precompiled CLI .parameter command.
(The first line in the param.cli file is .echo on)

SQLite version 3.29.0 2019-07-10 17:32:03
sqlite> .read param.cli
-- select * from sqlite_parameters ;
Error: near line 4: no such table: sqlite_parameters
.param init
select * from sqlite_parameters ;
-- table now exists but not visible, where is it?

.param set $s      'abc'
.param set $slist  'abc, def'
.param set :int    1
.param set :real   1.2
.param set @datex  '2019-01-01'
.param set @date   date('2019-01-01')

select $s, $slist, :int, :real, @datex, @date ;
abc|abc, def|1|1.2|2017|2019-01-01

select 1 where instr($slist, 'def') > 0 ;
select 1 where '2019-01-01' = @date ;
.param unset @datex
.param clear
.param list
$s     'abc'
$slist 'abc, def'
:int   1
:real  1.2
@date  '2019-01-01'

Initial observations wrt .parameter command:
  * INIT  works but the temp.table is not visible
          (even though one can explicitly insert into and delete from it.)
  * SET   works but there is some kind of evaluation of the VALUE
          (see @datex and @date; '2019-01-01' arithmetically is 2017)
  * UNSET works just fine
  * LIST  works just fine
  * CLEAR does nothing at all

As a result:
  * I feel that section 16 of the CLI documentation should mention VALUE treatment.

Additionally, dare I suggest
  * that CLEAR be renamed to DROP (action 'drop table') and made to work
  * that UNSET be augmented to allow .parameter unset ALL
    (ALL is not a valid parameter name; action being 'delete from')

I appreciate renaming clear to drop is probably a non-starter for compatibility.
On the other hand, clear currently does do nothing.

Otherwise, thanks to the development team for a tool that just gets better!
Regards, Martin.

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Re: CLI .parameter command observations/request

Simon Slavin-3
On 16 Aug 2019, at 4:40pm, Martin <[hidden email]> wrote:

> select * from sqlite_parameters

You are expected to create this table yourself, either directly or by using one of the parameter commands.  See


This sequence works.  You should be able to use it to progress:

sqlite> .schema
sqlite> .param init
sqlite> .schema
CREATE TABLE temp.sqlite_parameters(
  value ANY
sqlite> .param list
sqlite> .param set nodeNum 67
sqlite> .param list
nodeNum 67
sqlite> SELECT * FROM temp.sqlite_parameters;
sqlite> SELECT * FROM sqlite_parameters;
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