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CVSTrac update and Wiki Spam

D. Richard Hipp
The CVSTrac that runs the SQLite website has been
updated to the (unreleased) version 1.2.1.  This
version has new capabilities, which combined with
help from you in the community, can assist me in
dealing with wiki spam.

Wiki spam is when scoundrels add hyperlinks on a wiki
page to their own unrelated website (usually selling
herbal enhancements or other such nonsense) in an effort
to increase their page rank.  This happens on the SQLite
wiki about once a week or so.  Then I have to go in and
delete the offending pages.  And, unfortunately, the
spam usually arrives when I am on an airplane or in a
meeting, so the wiki stays defaced for hours at a time.

Up until today, only the website administrator could
delete wiki pages.  With CVSTrac version 1.2.1, everybody
can now delete wiki pages that have been entered
anonymously for up to 24 hours after they are entered.
After a page has been present for 24 hours, it becomes
permanent and undeletable (except for by me, of course.)

So if you see some wiki spam, please feel free to delete
it for me.  I'm hoping that with thousands of eyes watching
the wiki, spam will be detected and deleted much faster.
And, I hope, I won't feel compelled to log in on three
or four times a day on holidays just to delete the incoming

The ability for anonymous users to delete new anonymous
wiki is configurable.  If you run into problems of people
deleting legitimate pages, please let me know and I will
look into the matter.  But I am hoping that this will not
become a problem.

Please also let me know if you find any other problems with
the new version of CVSTrac.  Don't worry.  Everything is
backed up ;-)

D. Richard Hipp <[hidden email]>