Change location of "sqlite_history" with environment variable.

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Change location of "sqlite_history" with environment variable.

Edênis Freindorfer Azevedo
When using postgresql and mysql, you can use an environment variable to set
where their cli history should be saved (PSQL_HISTORY and MYSQL_HISTFILE).
These allow for partial XDG Base Directory Support.

Was there ever a discussion regarding using something similar for sqlite
(SQLITE_HISTFILE, for example)? I did a little bit of research, but I found
nothing. By looking at the code from the lastest snapshot, It feels like a
simple change (very basic testing, though).

I know this can be achieved by sym-linking "$HOME/.sql_history" to
somewhere else, but maybe this cause no troubles to code and could be a
feature request. What is the best way to ask for this?

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