DROP TABLE while a cursor is open leads to SQLITE_LOCKED

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DROP TABLE while a cursor is open leads to SQLITE_LOCKED

Jürgen Baier

I'm using the Xerial JDBC driver for accessing SQLite.

I have the problem that it is not possible to drop a table in the same
database connection while a resultset is open:

0. Preparation: Create table t1 and add some values

1. Open connection
2. Create temporary table tmp1
3. Execute SELECT statement on t1 (SELECT * FROM t1).
4. Execute DROP TABLE tmp1 while still iterating over the result of 3.

=> [SQLITE_LOCKED]  A table in the database is locked (database table is

Note that all this happens in a single thread.

Someone of the Xerial community pointed me to


It seems while a resultset is open it also was not possible in earlier
SQLite versions to CREATE a table, but this restriction has been fixed
in the meantime.

Is it planned to fix this for DROP TABLE too? Or is there some workaround?



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