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Fossil version 2.0

Richard Hipp-3
Fossil is the version control system (VCS) written specifically to
support SQLite.  See for details.

Version 2.0 of Fossil has just been released.  The 2.0 release
supports the use of SHA3-256 hashes for naming files and check-ins in
the repository.  SHA1 hashes are also still supported for backwards
compatibility.  In other words, Fossil 2.0 will read both SHA1 and
SHA3-256 hashes.  On the other hand, older Fossil-1.x releases will
only read SHA1 hashes and will generate errors if they encounter
SHA3-256 hashes.

To be clear:  Fossil-2.0 and Fossil-1.x are fully compatible and will
seamlessly interoperate on repositories that contain only SHA1
content.  However, once a repository acquires SHA3-256 content,
Fossil-1.x will stop working and you will need to upgrade to

If you are using Fossil to access the SQLite source repository, you
should upgrade since we will soon begin pushing SHA3-256 hashed
check-ins and files to the main SQLite repository.  Once that happens,
you will no longer be able to pull or clone the SQLite repository
using older 1.x versions of Fossil.

The web interface to Fossil continues to operate exactly has it did
before.  All legacy URLs (even those involving SHA1 hash names)
continue to work without change.  If you only access Fossil through
the web interface, no action is necessary.

D. Richard Hipp
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