How to tell sqlite to only use tcl from the system?

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How to tell sqlite to only use tcl from the system?

Dennis Clarke

I am seeing confusion here on a few systems wherein this :

#include "sqliteInt.h"
#  include "sqlite_tcl.h"
#  include "tcl.h"

is in a pile of the test code.

For some reasons I am seeing undefined symbols ( sched_yield ) and
problems after getting past a build of 3260000 :


"sqlite3.c", line 21319: warning: implicit function declaration:
"sqlite3.c", line 53307: warning: statement not reached
ld: warning: option -Q appears more than once, first setting taken
Undefined                       first referenced
  symbol                             in file
sched_yield                         test4.o
ld: fatal: symbol referencing errors. No output written to testfixture
gmake: *** [Makefile:1199: testfixture] Error 2

Current version does not build at all.

Still locked in battle here on a few systems trying to get current
release to build anywhere and thus far Solaris and RHEL both fail with
references to tcl stuff in sqlite.

Dennis Clarke
UNIX and Linux spoken
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