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  Hi, all.

Can anybody help me with interpretation of
lemon report file?

For example, i have the next report part:

State 10:
      (2) head ::= init_stmts *
          init_stmts ::= init_stmts * init_stmt
          init_stmt ::= * WORD init_stmt_prms SEMICOLON

                          WORD shift        5      
                          WORD reduce       2       ** Parsing conflict (SR)**
                     init_stmt shift-reduce 3      init_stmts ::= init_stmts init_stmt

Do i understand correctly that:

1. * marks a current position of a parser
2. 5 in "WORD shift        5" is a number of a state to go
3. 2 in "WORD reduce       2" is a number of a rule to reduce
4. 3 in "init_stmt shift-reduce 3" is a number of a rule to reduce


Олег Неманов (Oleg Nemanov)
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