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Major memory leak


I must be doing something wrong.  I've got a simple table with three
columns, a key column, a value column and a timestamp column.  There
are 357,000 rows.  The timestamps are stored as floating-point numbers
(Julian dates), and the other two fields contain integers.  I open the
table, read one record, and close it.  If I do not sort the data,
there is no memory loss.  Here's the query:

select datetime(value_timestamp) AS latest_time from trend_data

If I sort the data and ask for only the first record, I leak over 2
megabytes of data.  Here's the query:

select datetime(value_timestamp) AS latest_time from trend_data  order
by value_timestamp desc limit 1

I got the same result when the query used the max() function instead
of ordering the recordset.

My program use sqlite3_prepare16_v2, followed by sqlite3_step,
followed by sqlite3_finalize.

Is there something I've left out?  The application in which these
calls are made is designed to be started and left alone.  At one
point, I checked TaskManager on the customer's computer and found that
one instance of this program was using over 950 megabytes of memory!
At that point, I advised the customer to restart the program once a
day, but I'd really like to be able to tell them they don't have to do
that any more.

Thanks very much!

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