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Materialized views


I didn't find this question in the mailing list archive (although it's
difficult to search).

Is there any plan to support materialized views?
By that I mean views whose result is stored permanently in a table and
that is updated automatically every time the underlying tables are

Implementing them manually with triggers can be difficult and
error-prone when the query is complex. Having sqlite do it would not
only guaranty the correctness of the result, it could also be
optimized. For instance by updating the view lazily.

In my case the source tables contain time series and are therefore
mostly inserted in. The query I need to run has several layers of CTEs
with WINDOW and a GROUP BY. I need to run it several times with
different GROUP BY conditions and a different time frame selection. So
there's a lot of redundant computation between the different queries.
And even more when I re-run my program when new data points have been
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