Multithreading (& C#) question

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Multithreading (& C#) question

Lloyd Dupont
I have read that SQLite doesn't suport well multithreading...
I have the following problem and wonder if anyone could provide me some guidance.

I have a GUI application using SQLite to store its data.
I have a 'Search' panel. Performing a search (scan of the database) in the background.
And while it's searching the user could update the data (update the database)...

In my current implementation there is:
- I am using sqlite-dotnet2 (for .NET/C# from there: )
- only one connection
- a global lock object, which owns the connection

When you perform a data update it's surrounded by a lock (in most case, I'm not sure :S so many of them write a 2:00AM)
When you perform the search, so far, I browse through a DbDataReader without lock.

So it could happen that the user update the database (through the One connection), while performing a read (still through the One connection, but a different SQLCommand) at the same time.

- is it a recipe for disaster?
- is it OK?
- if no would it be enough to have a lock() like that:
DbDataReader reader = select.ExecuteReader():
      // read the data for one record here
   }//<= here opportunity for other thread to acquire the lock, no? maybe add a WaitEvent..
Any tips?