[PATCH] Feature request: support cli variables

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[PATCH] Feature request: support cli variables

Juan Picca
Hi all.

After read <https://tapoueh.org/blog/2017/06/how-to-write-sql/> i
wanted to try to do the same with my sqlite queries.

Sadly, the sqlite command line shell don't support variables.
For that i want to suggest to add the support of variables
in the command line shell.

For start thinking about it, i attached a proof of concept of the
feature. The license for the POC is the same as sqlite: public domain.

Comments about the POC:

1.  I use another database (in memory) to persist variables between
    changes of databases (.open command).
2.  A missing part is add a command line argument similar to `-var
    name value` for assign variables from the command line.

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