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Pragmas and compile options ...

Rob Sciuk

I was just wondering whether it might be possible in some future version
of SQLite to expose the pragma and compile time options settings in the
form of a table:

  select * from sqlite_pragma ;
  select * from sqlite_options ;

This might also allow update to set the value of a pragma, while one might
reasonably expect that compile time options are read only ... though
complete and documented at runtime.

The sqlite_master currently contains the DDL and useful metadata, I just
figured extending this model in accordance with the relational model might
be useful.  Of course, in order to avoid bloat in the embedded space, this
functionality could be compiled in as an option 8-), perhaps tied to the

While I haven't inspected the SQLite code with respect to implementing
this, I suspect that it might take a fair bit of effort, and I'm not
entirely sure that it is the best return on investment (eg: the recent
support of foreign keys -- NICE!!), but I put it on the table for
consideration ... naively and without understanding of the impact upon
code organization 8-).

Just a humble suggestion.

Rob Sciuk

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