Problem Installing sqlite3 in redhat linux 9 i686 machine

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Problem Installing sqlite3 in redhat linux 9 i686 machine

Ajay Radhakrishnan

I tried compiling the source sqlite3-3.2.1 with the following commands on a
i686 machine distro rehat linux 9 with the following commands,

make install

And the above process returns successful message

and all the lib* libraries are present in /usr/local/lib, i can also invoke
sqlite3 by typing in the same at the prompt

I have created an application which uses GTK+-1.2 and sqlite3 , the
application compiles fine without any error but while trying to execute the
binary the following error surface,,

./main(This is the binary)
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared
object file: No such file or directory

as mentioned above, i have cross-checked and these libraries are present in
/usr/local/lib and all have executable permissions,
The above library, is linked with another library

But the above process works fine if i replicate them on a i386 machine with
the same distro installed..