Problem compiling 3.17.0 in MSVS 12

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Problem compiling 3.17.0 in MSVS 12

Bart Smissaert
Downloaded the latest 3.17.0 (sqlite-autoconf-3170000.tar.gz) and replaced
my old 3.16.2 sqlite3.c file in the VC. Now for some reason I get lots of
errors when building a Windows dll.

First one is at line 16116 in this code block:

#define SQLITE_SKIP_UTF8(zIn) {
  if( (*(zIn++))>=0xc0 ){
    while( (*zIn & 0xc0)==0x80 ){ zIn++; }
Error 1 error C2059: syntax error : 'while'
Line 16116 is actually the one after the line with while.

Have updated to newer versions many times before any seen any problem like
I am sure I must be overlooking something simple, but just can't see it.
Any suggestions?


(I posted this already before, yesterday, but it didn't appear in the list
for some reason)
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