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Question about sqlite_free_table

Massimo Gaspari

Dear All,

Consider the following code

if ( sqlite3_get_table(sqlite3,sql,resultp,nrow,ncolumn,errmsg) ==

 } else {

The question is:

Is it right to not call the sqlite3_free_table() function if the
returns an error?
Or must I call  sqlite3_free_table() in any case?

The documentation says

After the calling function has finished using the result, it should pass
the result data pointer to sqlite3_free_table()
in order to release the memory that was malloc-ed. Because of the way the
malloc() happens, the calling function
must not try to call malloc() directly.
Only sqlite3_free_table() is able to release the memory properly and

and it is not clear (to me) if a call sqlite3_free_table() is required in
case of errors.