Re: Lightweight solution for Unicode-savvy collation?

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Re: Lightweight solution for Unicode-savvy collation?

Wolfgang Enzinger
Am Thu, 27 Jul 2017 16:47:00 -0700 schrieb Jens Alfke:

> The project I work on needs the ability to do Unicode-savvy string
> collation, which SQLite doesn’t provide. But we’re somewhat sensitive to
> code size, so we don’t want to just drop in the hugeness that is ICU.
> We’ve looked at a couple of other Unicode/UTF-8 libraries (like
> utf8rewind), and while they do case folding they don’t do collation.
> We can’t be the first SQLite client to have this need. Anyone know of
> any good solution?

If I got the question right, I think it depends a lot on the platform
you're targeting at. For applications that only need to run on Windows, I
register a custom collation which in its callback hands the actual work
over to the CompareStringW() function. Works.

HTH Wolfgang

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