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Rob Sciuk

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Subject: [sqlite] Bug : Tcl interface: array not created when call "db
eval {...} ?array-name? ?script?"

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Hi All!
I use sqlite3 ver and simple test:

1. package require sqlite3
2. sqlite3 db :memory:
3. db eval {CREATE TABLE x(a,b)}
4. db eval {INSERT INTO x VALUES(1,2)}
5. #set tempvar ""
6. db eval {SELECT a,b FROM x} tempvar {
7.   puts "a = $tempvar(a)"
8. }
9. db close

When line 5 commented this test run ok. If we uncomment line 5 then
tcl interpreter
fail with error "can't read "tempvar(a)": variable isn't array". Looks
sqlite engine don't check/unset variable "array-name" (like most other tcl
commands, thats accept "varName"/"arrayName").



try replacing "set tempvar """ with:

  array set tempvar {}

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