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Re: marketing - The world's most popular open source database

R Smith
I was drafting a "don't confuse `popular` [a collective human bias] with
`most-used` or `most widely deployed` [value statements]" response, but
I see others have already done so...

I would like to add that often if I mention "SQLite" in conversation
with random people (even technical sometimes) I need to immediately
follow it up with a short bio, whereas in 90% of cases those same people
already know the term "MySQL". I think SQLite is mostly used as backbone
data handling for really technical people and their software inventions,
hence being so widely employed and being used near everywhere, but any
script kiddie in a basement hacking out his/her first website is bound
to be in the presence of MySQL - or, if they fancy themselves as
technically-minded a cut above the rest, then perhaps PostGresSQL.

I wouldn't dispute MySQL's claim as most popular, neither SQLite's claim
as most widely deployed - both seem quite accurate, or at a minimum,

On 2017/07/18 9:16 AM, Darren Duncan wrote:

> I was reminded today that MySQL still prominently advertises
> themselves as "The world's most popular open source database", on
> their website and in their product announcements etc.
> However, isn't that claim clearly wrong, given that SQLite for one has
> way more installations than MySQL does, and that's just for SQL DBMSs.
> Is it worth having some kind of official statement from the makers of
> SQLite about this, that MySQL is using false advertising?
> Or is the idea that SQLite has the most installations not easily
> provable?
> -- Darren Duncan
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