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Read-only implementation

F.W.A. van Leeuwen
I am doing a port of SQLite to the Blackfin processor.
The Blackfin has a very simple kernel (called VDK) and we have a simple
file system.
We will use SQLite only to do queries on the database (it is a fixed
database, which we prepare on the PC).

I assume that I can make a very lightweight os_vdk.c implementation with
all the file locking disabled (i.e., an assert on a lock attempt). Is that

Would I only need to implement sqlite3OsOpenReadOnly(), sqlite3OsSeek(),
sqlite3OsFileSize(), sqlite3OsRead() and sqlite3OsClose() of the file i/o

Do I need sqlite3OsCurrentTime()?  (we don't have a real-time clock, so I
have to fake it anyway)

Any other shortcuts I can take?