SQLAR, slight mod for symlink recursion & a high volume test

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SQLAR, slight mod for symlink recursion & a high volume test

Hi, Richard,

just to let you know, I have continued to use sqlar rather than tar.gz
for my personal use.

I found a problem with recursive symlinks.

For example, I have a copy of sqliteodbc-0.9994.tar.gz which has a
symlink source -> . Note, the Gnome Archive Manager has a nice arrow
icon, but seems to otherwise ignore it.

So, I get directories with .../source/source/ forever 

I had a similar issue with some math software I use, called Sage. 

To fix it, I did a minimal change, stat( to lstat( within the add_file

I didn't have the need to recover the symlink from the sqlar file, but
others may.

I then did a volume test, on my laptop, which is an Intel i7 about 3
years old. The Sage software is sage-7.4, has 114,000 files and takes
up 6.9G. 

Sqlar took just short of 13 minutes to run against it, and the
resultant sqlar file is 2.5G. 

The sqlar -lv against the file took 50 seconds to produce the file list
which I piped to a file that was 16.9M. However, I normally just read
the "sqlar" table.



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