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Ziemowit Laski
Hello again,

So after discussions with Jan and further contemplation, I concluded that the only way to get a hold on the '#line ... ' issues in the generated parse.c is to write a dedicated tool to do it.  The patch herein contains such a tool, named 'lineclean'.  The tool detects sequences of the form

#if(n)def ....
#line ... "parse.c"
#line ... "parse.c"

and replaces them with a single line

#line ... "parse.c"

Also, lineclean fixes up all '#line ... "parse.c"' commands so that they actually refer to the next line in the file.  (This was completely broken as a result of running the diff).

Anyhoo, since I still haven't heard from any of the maintainers, I'll leave it at that.  Should you decide to apply the patch (with attribution, of course :-)) and run into problems, please e-mail me directly (zlaski _at_ ziemas _dot_ net) since I'm not a member of sqlite-users.

Thank you,

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