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Ben Clewett

D. Richard Hipp was kind enough to allow me to upload my wrapper for
SQLite.  This assists locking problems by copying result table to memory
and releasing locks on DB.  As well as allowing a very simple API, and a
few useful tools.

I've uploaded a new version which contains a SQLite shell.  This outputs
in MySQL format.  Sorry for all of you who believe MySQL is not worth
copying.  Probably very rightly.  But I am sorry I like it's clear output :)


lw_shell> .schema registry
|name    |type |sql                                           |
|registry|table|CREATE TABLE registry (                       |
|        |     |  key VARCHAR(200) COLLATE NOCASE PRIMARY KEY,|
|        |     |  value VARCHAR(200) COLLATE NOCASE           |
|        |     | )                                            |
   (0.000 seconds)

Here: http://www.sqlite.org/contrib

Maybe somebody may find this useful :)



(Sorry but shell part only works in UNIX.)