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Two Sqlite test cases fail - sqlite-src-3280000

Frederik Wedel-Heinen

I want to run the Sqlite tests inside a docker in order to run tests easily on any platform. Please let me know if you have bad experiences with Docker.
I experience two test cases fail:

sqlite-make-test_1  | ! oserror-1.4.1 expected: [1 {unable to open database file}]
sqlite-make-test_1  | ! oserror-1.4.1 got:      [0 {}]
sqlite-make-test_1  | ! oserror-1.4.2 expected: [^os_unix.c:\d*: \(\d+\) (open|readlink|lstat)\(.*test.db\) - ]
sqlite-make-test_1  | ! oserror-1.4.2 got:      []

I have created a Dockerfile (which configures the docker image build) and a Docker Compose file (that describes how the tests are run).
Assuming you have Docker installed you should be able to run “the testing service” by placing the two files in a subdirectory to the Sqlite3 root folder and executing from a command line:

"docker-compose -f docker-compose_maketest.yml up” (Shall be run from the subdirectory)

The tests will now run (Notice that they do not run fast). The repository must be “make distclean”’ed before running the Docker.

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