UNION ALL bug in Multi-threading

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UNION ALL bug in Multi-threading

I find a bug that exists in `UNION ALL`.

tldr: `UNION ALL` will not merge the data in different schemas in the moment that one of schema is committed but the another not. BUT, `UNION` will.

Here are the reproduce steps:

1. Prepare a database named "OLD"
1.1 Create a table for "OLD": `CREATE TABLE old(i INTEGER)`
1.2 Insert values into "OLD" to make it large enough: `INSERT INTO old VALUES(?1)`
2. Prepare a database named "NEW"
2.1 Create a table for "NEW": `CREATE TABLE new(i INTEGER)`

For thread 1:
1. Attach "OLD" to "NEW" as "oldSchema": `ATTACH OLD AS oldSchema`
2. Migrate data from "OLD" to "NEW" in same transaction. Note that they should be executed with same handle using ATTACH mentioned in 1.
2.1 Select one of the row from "OLD": `SELECT i FROM oldSchema.old`
2.2 Insert the row into "NEW": `INSERT INTO main.new VALUES(?1)`
2.3 Delete the row from "OLD": `DELETE FROM oldSchema.old WHERE i == ?1`
2.4 `COMMIT`

For thread 2-N:
1. Create a view that union two tables: `CREATE TEMP VIEW v AS SELECT i FROM oldSchema.old UNION ALL SELECT i FROM main.new`
2. Select one of the value from view: `SELECT i FROM temp.v ORDER BY i LIMIT 1 OFFSET ?1`.
Here is the strange result:
As an example, if the values of 0-999 is inserted into "OLD", then value N should be selected as expected at offset N.
But in these kind of steps, it will not.

It can be a little bit hard to reproduce due to the multi-threading. BUT if it sleeps for a while when committing, it will be much easier to reproduce:
// vdbeCommit method of vdbeaux.c
for(i=0; rc==SQLITE_OK  idb-nDb; i++){
 Btree *pBt = db-aDb[i].pBt;
 sqlite3_sleep(10); // additional sleep here
 if( pBt ){
  rc = sqlite3BtreeCommitPhaseOne(pBt, 0);

It seems that the bug happens when one of the schema is committed but the another one is not.
On the other handle, if `UNION ALL` is changed to `UNION` while creating view, the bug will not happen too.
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