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Version 3.25.1 coming soon....

Richard Hipp-3
Thanks for the bug reports.  Two new bugs were added in the 3.25.0
release, so we will shortly have a 3.25.1 release to fix them.  A
draft change-log for 3.25.1 can be seen here:

We *really* appreciate your bug reports.  But we appreciate them even
more when they arrive  before a release rather than the day after.
:-)  In the future, please consider testing the latest SQLite in your
applications while it is in beta.

Now that 3.25.0 is already out, please continue testing it.  We will
hold off on the 3.25.1 patch for about 24 hours in case something else
comes up.  If you need the patches right away, or if you are just
curious, the patches are on a branch:

A hint about using the previous page:  If you click on two of the
circles in the graph at the left, it will take you to a diff between
the two check-ins you selected.  So if you want to see comprehensive
diff of all changes in the branch, first click on the purple circle
(notice how it turns red, indicating that it is now the baseline) then
click on the leaf circle - the one with the black dot in the middle.
D. Richard Hipp
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