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database disk image is malformed

Kevin Schmeichel

  I just recently switched from sqlite 2.8.14 to
3.2.2.  Since switching, I've seen a few
SQLITE_CORRUPT errors returned from sqlite_exec.
However, almost all queries work - this error seems to
only indicate a transient condition.    After
receiving the error, my process closes the connection
and opens a new one, and subsequent queries work.  The
db is in ramdisk.  I'm running on a Debian based linux

  I've read the stuff in on "How to Corrupt
Your Database Files", but nothing seemed to apply.  I
don't think fsync has any effect when the db is in
ramdisk.  I've also never seen this error using 2.8.14
with daemon process running for weeks and logging
every query.

  Any ideas?


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