[feature request] Quirk-fixing compile-time options

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[feature request] Quirk-fixing compile-time options

Joshua Thomas Wise
Hi, I was very happy to see the addition of the SQLITE_DQS compile-time option, which fixes one of the legacy bugs/quirks of SQLite3.

I was wondering if additional compile-time options could be added to fix two other legacy quirks:
- Primary Keys containing NULLs <https://www.sqlite.org/quirks.html#primary_keys_can_sometimes_contain_nulls>
- Aggregate queries containing non-aggregate result columns <https://www.sqlite.org/quirks.html#aggregate_queries_can_contain_non_aggregate_result_columns_that_are_not_in_the_group_by_clause>

It would be great for SQLite3 users to opt out of these behaviors, as it would help prevent many difficult-to-find bugs.

Any feedback on this suggestion by a SQLite3 dev would be much appreciated!

Joshua Wise
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