foreign key referencing an undefined table?

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foreign key referencing an undefined table?

Olivier Mascia

I just stumbled on this: looks like I can create a table with a foreign key referencing an unknown table.

sqlite> pragma foreign_keys;
sqlite> create table T(C integer, foreign key(C) references X(Y));
sqlite> pragma integrity_check;
sqlite> pragma foreign_key_check;

Is there some mean to catch this anytime before actually using the table T?

The current behavior is certainly useful (and maybe adhering to standard(s)) because it allows to declare table T before declaring table X and might solve some cross-reference between both.  Yet I'd feel happy to "schema_check" for such discrepancies.  I can code some automated checks around querying sqlite_master and pragma foreign_key_list, but isn't there any other way to proceed which I would have missed?

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