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On 7/12/18, danap wrote:
>> I use a dump
>> in my interface which I used with diff to compare changes in my
>> personal expense database. This was to insure changes introduced in work
>> on the interface were not screwing things up. Very helpful to insure
>> your not introducing bugs.

D. Richard Hipp wrote:
> I am glad that has been working for you.  But there is a caveat:  The
> ".dump" format can (and does) change slightly from one release of
> SQLite to the next.  So you are welcomed to continue using ".dump"
> this way, but just be careful that you do not compare the .dump output
> from two different versions of SQLite.

Well, sorry Mr. Hipp, but the dump was from my own SQLite GUI. So what
I was doing is insuring some coding changes to the GUI's dump had not
changed anything, by comparing to prior dumps of data with the same
tool. So I was really doing exactly what you caution about to debug
between versions.

Idea being, dump ASCII data, compare over time with some kind of diff
tool to see changes. So to user's question, be sure to use same version
of the dump tool as you indicate.


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