not able to read SQLite.NET.chm

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not able to read SQLite.NET.chm

Mickey Feldman
That did the trick. I have never encountered "unblock" before -
completely new to me after all these years of working with Windows.
There was no security or other warning - Windows simply did not allow me
to see the entire file. Deep sigh, roll eyes at Microsoft, and carry on.


On 2/24/2017 4:00 AM, [hidden email] wrote:
>> I am not able to read SQLite.NET.chm, I see only the left hand panel, but not
>> the expanded contents.  Is this a known issue, or perhaps an issue with
>> Windows 7? Is this documentation available anywhere else or in some other
>> format?
> Did you unblock it? Right click on the file, select properties, then check the Unblock box.

M. Feldman

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