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question about BLOB

Lloyd Dupont
in the application I'm writting I would make intensive use of BLOB
in fact I have a very simple DB tables.
However most of them have a BLOB column where I would put application defined data.
The data could easily be over 50K (in fact it would be an in memory .tgz archive with user text and (optionally) images)

Basically I would read/write only 1 BLOB at a time and good performance for me would mean no visible latency for the user

I just wonder if this could be achieved with good performance, I have read that SQLite is no good with big BLOB.
Any similar experience?

PS: I cannot test, the GUI is not yet ready!
PS2: store the tgz files along the db file is no practical solution for me! I try to have an application file which could be shared with friends, not a 'fragile' directory structure.