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simple create db question


i always use to use tcl and created my db that way or
used a tool with that menu option.  now i'd like to
use the command line to do it.  i have a sqlite3.exe
command utility in a directory named c:\aTest.  i
c:\aTest> "sqlite3 t1.db" and get an error message.

what i am looking in to doing is using a java

i run java -jar sqlite.jar database and get a command
line program (sqlite>).  problem is there is no db.  a
statement like select 1+1; works etc.  is select 1+1;
enough to test it?  maybe so but i still need the
ability to create a db.

i figured i'd try out the command line to test it and
then from there move over and hook it up to eclipse
when it is running ok.

i think i am using 2 different command line utilities
here to confuse matters.

thanks for any pointers,

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