tclsqlite3.c and not built

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tclsqlite3.c and not built


Dear Sirs,

I am trying to build sqlite 3.20 in FreeBSD 11.1.

configure, make and make install does not build the tcl interface.

I configure with --enable-tcl --with-tcl=/usr/opt/tcl86/lib.

At the end, I get only pkgIndex.tcl, not
in /usr/opt/tcl86/lib/tcl8.6/sqlite3.

Neither tclsqlite3.c nor are built.

This is not the behauviour described in the Makefile:

# The following variable is "1" if the configure script was able to locate
# the file.  It is an empty string otherwise.  When this
# variable is "1", the TCL extension library ( is built
# and installed.

# This is the command to use for tclsh - normally just "tclsh", but we may
# know the specific version we want to use
TCLSH_CMD = tclsh8.6

# Where do we want to install the tcl plugin
TCLLIBDIR = /usr/opt/tcl86/lib/tcl8.6/sqlite3

# The suffix used on shared libraries.  Ex:  ".dll", ".so", ".dylib"

I do get file in the build directory (I do not know
for what is it), but not tclsqlite3.c.

I did the following to get the missed files:

make tclsqlite3.c
gcc5 -o -fPIC -shared tclsqlite3.c \
  -lpthread -ltcl8.6 -I/usr/opt/tcl86/include -L/usr/opt/tcl86/lib

I thank you for any hint (to my Email address, I am not in the list)
and eventually bug fix.

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